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Case of 6 Organic Congee Kits

Douala's collection of Ayurveda inspired organic supplies and accompanying flexible plan for deep nourishment is a must-have no matter your postpartum plan or lack of a plan. The Birth Recovery Box covers the food, drink, and care basics for birth givers for one week and then some. Suitable for vaginal and c-section birth. Includes profound body care, two slow-cooker friendly meal kits, an herbal hormonal remedy, and a variety of delicious ways to stay hydrated.
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What's Inside

A case of our most popular meal kit. 

6 x 12 oz Doulala Organic Congee Kit 

Perfect for your first meal after labor and as your go to breakfast for the first month. Our easy-to-digest Congee grounds and restores the body with both quicker burning sweet jaggery, and longer burning rice.   

Congee, or rice porridge, is the perfect first meal immediately following birth - a most physically demanding activity. Its soupy texture makes it easy to eat and digest even if you're exhausted.  Food is your medicine and Doulala congee is healing and grounding anytime one has over-exerted and needs to restore deeply.

Specifically blended for the postpartum season, our signature spice blend is based on a traditional ayurvedic formula with mineral rich jaggery, women's health super herb shatavari, digestive helpers ginger and vidanga, strengthening long pepper, and warming cardamom and black pepper.

Each Doulala Congee Kit contains 8 oz organic basmati rice and 4 oz organic sweet spices. Each comes packaged in 100% paper glassine bags with a full ingredient listing, nutrition label, and preparation instructions. Each 12 oz Congee kit yields 6 servings. 

Gluten Free. Big 12 Allergen-Free. Organic. Ayurveda-inspired. Midwife-informed. Doula-informed. 99% plastic-free. 

    Organic Basmati Rice partially spilled out of a white glassine bag, next to Doulala's signature Sweet Spices blend of jaggery and ground spices partially spilling out of a slightly smaller white glassine paper bag. "x 6" overwritten in white. All on white ground.Chunks of Doulala Organic Jaggery. Rich crumbly golden brown in color.  Atop wax paper on a wooden cutting board.Rich golden brown jaggery chunks covered in white, tan, and black ground spices.A mound of tan colored ground spices.A mound of blended ground spices and jaggery.

    In their words

    Full of things I never would have known about or thought of for postpartum healing and nutrition. A great way to start off on the right foot after the birth of your child.

    - Julia

    In their words

    After giving birth it’s so easy to get lost in just caring for your baby however, everything Doulala sends are things that can be done quickly and you feel good after for doing something for yourself. Caring for myself after two very close c-sections and two under two seemed almost impossible. Doulala gave me all the natural ingredients to begin self care that I had no idea existed.

    - Yesica

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