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Postpartum is hard. Doulala makes it easier. Doulala's collection of organic supplies are a must-have for postpartum wellness. No matter your postpartum plan or lack of a plan, our products help you start off on the right foot and fill in the gaps on the days you find yourself lacking. Suitable for vaginal and c-section birth. Our line includes profound body care, slow-cooker friendly meal kits, hormone helpers, and a variety of nourishing ways to stay hydrated throughout your postpartum season. All of these items help you form a foundation of wellness during this challenging time.
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What's Inside

Our most popular drink starter. "Loved it! Need more!"

11 oz Doulala Organic Sweet Spices. 

This bulk package of Doulala's Organic Sweet Spices is 44 servings vs. the 14 servings size in our Birth Recovery boxes. 

Based on a traditional Ayurvedic formula and specifically crafted for the postpartum season, our delicious blend includes mineral rich jaggery, women's health super herb shatavari, digestive helpers ginger and vidanga, strengthening long pepper, and warming cardamom and black pepper. The grounding, warming spices restore your body and digestive fire.  

Excellent mixed into hot cereal, yogurt, hot milk, hot water, nut butter, and more. Sprinkle on cooked apples or baked winter squash.  

Each bulk Sweet Spices is packaged in 100% paper glassine bag with product description & full nutrition labelling. Simply pour into a mason jar for long term storage and easy serving. 

Gluten Free. Big 12 Allergen-Free. Organic. Ayurveda-inspired. Midwife-informed. Doula-informed. 99% plastic-free. 

    Bulk Sweet SpicesBulk Sweet SpicesBulk Sweet SpicesBulk Sweet Spices

    In their words

    Full of things I never would have known about or thought of for postpartum healing and nutrition. A great way to start off on the right foot after the birth of your child.

    - Julia

    In their words

    After giving birth it’s so easy to get lost in just caring for your baby however, everything Doulala sends are things that can be done quickly and you feel good after for doing something for yourself. Caring for myself after two very close c-sections and two under two seemed almost impossible. Doulala gave me all the natural ingredients to begin self care that I had no idea existed.

    - Yesica

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