Birth Recovery Box

Douala's collection of Ayurveda inspired organic supplies and accompanying flexible plan for deep nourishment is a must-have no matter your postpartum plan or lack of a plan. The Birth Recovery Box covers the food, drink, and care basics for birth givers for one week and then some. Suitable for vaginal and c-section birth. Includes profound body care, two slow-cooker friendly meal kits, an herbal hormonal remedy, and a variety of delicious ways to stay hydrated.
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What's Inside

3 brilliant body care items

2 slow-cooker friendly meal kits

1 hormone helper

5 tempting drink starters 

Get grounded, healed, calm, peaceful, loved, and nourished with hormonal, tissue, nervine, nutritional, hydration, and digestive support. 

  • CARE Bundle
    • Healing Bath Soaks with Organic Lavender and Organic Rose (5 x 8 oz)
    • Peaceful Rose Absolute Aromatherapy Diffuser (1)
    • Healing Organic Sesame Oil for self-massage (8.4 fl oz)
  • EAT Bundle 
    • Warming Organic Rice Porridge Meal Kit (11 oz)
    • Protein-rich Organic Kitchari Meal Kit (11 oz)
  • DRINK Bundle
    • Wishgarden ReBalance Postpartum Hormonal Dietary Supplement (2 fl oz)
    • Warming Doulala Organic Sweet Spices (3 oz)
    • Peaceful Doulala Organic Tulsi CCF Tea (14 g)
    • Nourishing Spicewalla Golden Milk (3.6 oz)
    • Warming Spicewalla Chai Masala (3.5 oz)
    • Ultima Replenisher electrolyte mix (6 x 3.4g stickpacks)
  • Partner Booklet
  • Birth Giver Booklet  

Everything in our Birth Recovery Box is safe for use from day 1 to day 365 to year 3 following birth & makes it a little bit easier to follow Doulala's Postpartum Priorities

  1. Accept help
  2. Rest deeply & be with baby
  3. Connect meaningfully
  4. Take it slower than your slowest
  5. Stay warm
  6. Eat & drink warm, easy to digest things
  7. Get your birth story out

You'll find your Birth Recovery Box wrapped in humble paper as much as possible. You can recycle or compost almost everything in the box! We hope you appreciate investing in more product and less plastic.

Gluten Free. Organic where noted. Ayurveda-inspired. Midwife-informed. Doula-informed. 99% plastic-free. 

    Birthing Box contents arranged in a radial flower pattern. A bird's eye view of the Doulala Birthing Care Bundle.  Left to right, 5 bath soaks in muslin sachets with rose petals and lavender arranged in a radial 5 petal flower shape, 1 terra cotta aromatherapy medallion, 1 8 oz green glass bottle of organic sesame oil.Bird's eye view of the Doulala Birthing Drink Bundle.  Clockwise from top left: Doulala Organic Sweet Spices in white glassine paper bag, Spicewalla Golden Milk in rectangle tin, 3 Ultima cherry pomegranate Replenisher stickpacks, Wishgarden ReBalance herbal remedy in glass dropper bottle, 3 Ultima lemonade Replenisher stickpacks, Doulala organic Tulsi CCF tea in glassine paper bag, Spicewalla Chai Masala in rectangle tin.Bird's eye view of the Doulala Birthing Eat Bundle. On the left in two glassine paper bags, the Rice Pudding Meal Kit consisting of organic sweet spices and organic basmati rice.  In the three rightward glassine paper bags the Kitchari meal kit consisting of organic yellow mung beans, organic kitchari spices, organic basmati rice.

    In their words

    Full of things I never would have known about or thought of for postpartum healing and nutrition. A great way to start off on the right foot after the birth of your child.

    - Julia

    In their words

    After giving birth it’s so easy to get lost in just caring for your baby however, everything Doulala sends are things that can be done quickly and you feel good after for doing something for yourself. Caring for myself after two very close c-sections and two under two seemed almost impossible. Doulala gave me all the natural ingredients to begin self care that I had no idea existed.

    - Yesica

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