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Stronger villages start with supported birth givers

About Us

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I started Doulala to spread some of the wise love and care that I received during my postnatal windows to more birthing people. I hope that you and your supporters will choose to invest in your physical and mental well-being during this precious time. I believe slowing down and lying-in following birth is the best investment you can make to ensure you restore yourself entirely and emerge whole from pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

You can always benefit from slowing down and restoring, whether you're 2 weeks or 2 years post birth. Our products can help.

Above all, take care of you! Happily, this is also taking care of baby, family, and community.

Hugggg, Jen-ai

In their words

“Truly the love of a mama friend. You can feel it & taste it!”

— Chelsey

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