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When I was pregnant with my second, I wanted to recreate some of the wise care that I received from an Ayurvedic doula during my first postpartum window. I expended all of my nesting energy learning, experimenting with recipes, and gathering supplies.

Later while acclimating to life with two and working full time (too soon), I devoted my little energy to making gifts with my self-tested postpartum supplies for expectant friends and family - and using the remaining teas, baths & snacks myself. I didn't realize until recently that I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and still in the middle of my postpartum transition at the time. Slowing down for periodic soaks, snacks, and sips of what is now the core line of Doulala products buoyed me through the first years with two.

Now we're mostly sleeping through the night and I've unwound from chronic stress of working full time with two little littles. I'm sharing my simple slow-down message and supplies to ease the suffering of mamas, birth givers and families who go-it-alone with little outside help.

You can always benefit from slowing down and restoring, whether you're 4 minutes or 4 years post birth. Above all, take care of you! Happily, this is also taking care of baby, family, and community.

Hugggg, you are doing it,

In their words

“Truly the love of a mama friend. You can feel it & taste it!”

— Chelsey, mom of two

In their words

"I wish we'd opened it sooner."

- Shay, dad of three

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