17 easy things Partners and Supporters can do to help when baby arrives

Don’t waste time feeling inadequate, you can help!

Our Birthing Box has heaps of items you can prepare, so helping comes easy. Flex your helping muscles and get to it, they need you more than ever! 

Read the instructions, read everything(!), make the teas, cook the meals, draw the baths, change the diapers, snuggle baby, sing lullabies, make jokes, have fun, clean up, do laundry, do dishes, go shopping, sleep when you can. Most importantly, sit with and listen to your partner every day. Give yourself & your partner grace. (Their body is busted!) You are both doing the best you can. 

All the food and drink in Doulala's Birthing Box are great for you too! Enjoy together.

As noted in Doulala's Postpartum Facts, the postpartum body and mind are very delicate. Doing everything you can to help your partner stay off their feet and far from executive function-y decision making is an incredible investment in your family’s future. If you can, organize for friends & family to help with everything, or consider hiring a postpartum doula, family chef, or meal service to help if you are going back to work within 6 weeks of the birth. 

P.S. Did you know that caring for baby forges new neural pathways in your brain?! The more you do it, the more connected you’ll be to them.[i]

[i] Abraham, E., et al. (2014). Father's brain is sensitive to childcare experiences.