Postpartum Wellness Kits

Stop surviving, start balancing.

We want every mama and birth giver to feel well. Our nourishment-focused products and how-to-slow-down information give you a pathway to true restoration and birth recovery.


Postpartum [pōst-pär′təm]

(adjective) following childbirth

At Doulala we refer to the first 6 delicate weeks postpartum as a Sacred Window. It is a window of time that can be leveraged for long term health or the opposite.

4 years is considered to be the average time when the final phase of the postpartum season ends for the birth giver.

It takes a village

Postpartum is hard. Doulala makes it easier.

If you're anything like us, you haven't thought about postpartum much. Did you know your brain starts to rewire as a pregnant person? It's disorienting. Did you know your uterus takes about 42 days to get back to pre-pregnancy size after you deliver the placenta? Also new. You're embarking on a time of CHANGE that can be leveraged for long term health or the opposite. Our wellness kits help you and your supporters honor your postpartum transition and avert some common difficulties so that you can enjoy this time and beyond.

In their words

"As a postpartum doula, I hope all of my clients can order this box! It would make my job easier for my clients to already have all the postpartum essentials in their home. All birthing people and their families deserve to have these delicious and necessary items."

— Ali, Postpartum Doula


Good help is easy to find

We're here to make a challenge-filled time easier for birth givers, partners, and supporters. When Jen-ai was expecting baby number two, she couldn't find a recovery-focused postpartum care package for herself or expecting friends. She spent months and her nesting energy researching and creating one. Soon her friends and family were asking for their circles. Now, we're happy to share with you.

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In their words

“The birthing box has all the essentials I try to provide my clients with. From nutrient drink blends, to kits that make nourishing meals, everything is hand selected to help mama and baby thrive! My go-to suggestion for all my mama friends and clients!”

— Jamie, Postpartum Family Chef